big ideas,
bigger impact

SuperSlum seeks opportunities in the ever expanding
Internet to build products, platforms and services that
enriches the lives of people around the world.

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Gramea: A Personalized Audio
Listening Experience...

there are a few tens, if not more, audio listening platforms, that provide
audio listening experiences ranging from podcasts, audio books to music players.
our belief is that this experience can be better than what it currently it, both for
listeners and creators. this is the problem we're trying to solve with gramea.

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PrayerBank: Get The Spiritual
Intervention You Need…

at one time or another, as christians, we all need spiritual interventions in our life.
now imagine, having access to anyone anywhere helping you pray over whatever
it is you need prayers over. this is our vision for prayerbank.

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Unfurled: Ondemand Help For
Product Sales...

one of the top problems of product owners is how to get more sales. one of their
top problems of consumers, is purchasing the right product. that's where Unfurled
comes in. we are building audiences and channels across multiple niches and verticals
who are willing and engaged to our product recommendations. with this solution,
we'll be providing great products to members of our audiences and channels solving
the problems for both sides of the market.

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